Bellefonte Borough in Centre County PA

Bellefonte Borough, Centre County Pa.

BellefonteBellefonte Borough is located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States. The borough lies about twelve miles northeast of State College and is in fact a part of the State College, Pennsylvania Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2012 Census the Bellefonte borough's population was 6,187. It is the county seat of Centre County and its courthouse is located in the downtown square. Bellefonte itself is also known for having been home to five of Pennsylvania's governors as well as two other governors. All seven of these governors are commemorated in a monument overlooking Talleyrand Park.

The main features of the town are of Victorian architecture as well as a natural spring, from which the town gets its name ("la belle fonte"). This name was bestowed by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord during a land-speculation visit to central Pennsylvania in the 1790s. The early development of Bellefonte had been as a "natural town." It started with one house and a crossroad, then iron was found and the town grew.

Bellefonte Borough actually started as a mill that was owned by a man named William Lamb. William after several years of owning that mill eventually sold it to John Dunlop. Within the next year John, his father, and his son-in-law James Harris had laid out the surrounding land block by block and the town that they created would later become known as Bellefonte. As the years after its creation passed, Bellefonte saw a boom in its popularity and soon became the most influential town between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. It would later become a frequent stop in the transcontinental airmail route, a route which ran from New York to San Francisco and opened August 20, 1920. Finally, in 1977 the Bellefonte Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Other places with historic relation include the Bellefonte Historic Railroad, the Bellefonte Armory, Centre County Courthouse, and the Brockerhoff Hotel.

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